How can I change my passenger name in FlyDubai?

Several times, a traveler made an error or mistake on the passenger's name column while reserving a flight with FlyDubai. One must ensure they put an accurate name on their reservation that matches the travel documents; otherwise, they will have difficulty at the airport security checkpoints. Therefore, according to the FlyDubai policies, one can adjust the passenger name after completing the reservation if they have entered the wrong name. The following guide will provide you with an understanding of the different conditions and methods associated with passenger name changes with FlyDubai.

Terms and conditions to change passenger's name in FlyDubai

Many terms and conditions have been applied by FlyDubai Airline to change the passenger's name. If you are curious to learn about the conditions of changing your passenger name on the ticket, read the provided FlyDubai name change policy below:

  • A person is not entitled to a complete change of the passenger name they have entered at the time of reservation. One can only be allowed to change 3 to 4 characters at maximum. 

  • A legal name change by the traveler after reserving the flight ticket with FlyDubai will be permitted, and changes in the passenger name will be made by submitting the legal documents for verification. 

  • A change fee will be imposed for requesting the change of the passenger name on a reserved ticket at FlyDubai. 

  • When someone requests to change the passenger name within 24 hours of completing the reservation, the airline will not charge any fee. 

  • The travel documents will be required to make any minor to major changes to the passenger name of the reserved ticket at FlyDubai. 

  • If the FlyDubai Airline flight ticket was purchased from another source, the request for the name change should be made at the same point. 

  • The passenger name change window will be available 40 minutes before departure of the reserved flight.

Methods to change your passenger name in FlyDubai flight ticket

Changing the passenger name of your booked ticket is possible through two different methods. The first is to access the booking details on the official site and make the omission, and the other is to contact an executive at the help desk of FlyDubai Airline. A detailed guide on FlyDubai name correction by both of these methods can be found below:

Through Website

The official website is available to get you the necessary adjustments on your reserved flight ticket with FlyDubai without spending much time. You are advised to follow the beneath constructions to make changes in the passenger name:

  • Head to the official homepage of FlyDubai on your website,

  • You need to select the "Manage Booking" box on the page,

  • Now, mention your Last Name and Booking Reference according to your ticket,

  • By tapping the "View Booking" key, you will get your booking details on the next page,

  • Locate the Name Change option on the available bar underneath your flight details,

  • Correct and attach the necessary document as mentioned,

  • You may be directed to the payment page depending on your reservation conditions,

  • As the fee is paid, your passenger name on the FlyDubai flight ticket will be changed successfully.

Through Help Desk 

The FlyDubai help desk has been presented to provide all the necessary services to travelers associated with traveling. So, if you struggle with correcting the passenger name on your reserved ticket, you can request assistance from an available executive at the help desk. Following are the key instructions you need to adhere to for asking for the name change by an executive at the help desk:

  • You have to begin by calling the FlyDubai help desk at the following number: +971 600 544 445,

  • A short wait time will be assigned to you till your call connects to an executive,

  • Next, you can request from the available executive for the passenger name change on your flight ticket,

  • The executive would require your reference number and some personal information to access your booking details,

  • Then, you can state a correct and accurate name to add to the reservation,

  • You may be asked to pay a fee regarding completing the name change process,

  • As you pay, a notification for the successful passenger name change will be received in your email along with the details. 

Cost for changing passenger name on a FlyDubai flight ticket.

The cost of changing the passenger name on a flight ticket reserved at FlyDubai can be a concern for some travelers if they enter an incorrect name. The fee depends on different factors such as your fare conditions, the time of requesting the change from the boarding time, the destination, and the reason for changing the traveler's name. However, the FlyDubai name change fee falls between $100 and $200 per head. On some conditions, the name change fee does not apply to the ticket by FlyDubai, such as at the time of minor omission on the spelling or requesting the change within 24 hours of the reservation. 

Final Words

It is possible to make mistakes with the passenger's name during the reservation process at FlyDubai. Therefore, flexibility in the traveler's information has been made available for the suitability of the passengers. The above guide will help you understand the conditions and methods of the FlyDubai name change, and you will be able to make corrections to your reserved ticket at your convenience. Read each and every piece of information mentioned above keenly to understand the requirement better. 



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