How do I Speak to Someone at Outlook to fix Email not Working

Stepwise Guide on Outlook Email not Working Issues

Outlook is the email platform service provided by Microsoft. Outlook is being used by a lot of individuals and is used by almost everyone for the transaction of emails. If you are willing to use any Microsoft product like Desktop PC, Laptop or any Smartphone, you’ll have to make your Outlook account first.

But at the end of the day, it is just a server and every server can face problems at the end of the day. The Outlook email issues people generally face are mentioned below-

  • Connection Error: The connection error in Outlook generally occurs due to an incorrect IP address. It shows that there is a connection error and the pop down message pops up and the problem occurs so that it becomes troublesome for one to open their Outlook account.
  • PST error: PST is a type of a data file which you have in your account of Outlook, if the data file gets corrupted anytime thus the PST error occurs and it creates havoc for you to access your account.
  • Reporting error: The reporting error occurs when you go through the transaction of sending and receiving emails. The error occurs when you send and receive email and the remote server is unable to fetch data in a correct manner.
  • Blocking Error: This error occurs when you send and receive emails and the internet connectivity and the firewall creates havoc because of which the error occurs.
  • Time Out Error: The time out error occurs when the settings of SMTP are invalid and because of the improper settings of SMTP and POP, the error message pops up.
  • Access Denied: The access denied message pops up when the location of the connection changes. If you change the location from where you try to access your account, then the access denied message pops up.
  • Attachments Error: The attachments error is a very common problem faced by Outlook users. It occurs as the user receives an email and is not able to download the attachment. Outlook generally blocks the attachments from any unknown sender due to the matter of data breach.

The above mentioned points are very common Outlook Email not working which are faced by lot of users.

Ways to contact Outlook Customer Service Team

Now, if we talk about the ways to sort the problems up and coming up with a solution to mend this solution. Then, don’t worry Outlook has also created measures for you to have a solution to almost every possible. Outlook Customer service can be contacted in the below mentioned ways and one can easily sort out any situation with the help of getting in touch with a representative of Outlook and knowing the troubleshooting solutions.

  • Contact Outlook Customer Service through Official Website

You can visit the official website of Microsoft, go to the contact us section and find the details to contact the customer service team for the issues you are facing in Outlook.

  • Contact Outlook Customer Service through Get Help app

On the official website of Microsoft, you can find the link to get the Get Help application which will help you on the ways to solve the issues that you are facing.

  • Contact Outlook Customer Service through Chat

You can also chat with a live representative from Microsoft, by visiting the support page of Microsoft and clicking on the Chat support. A live chat agent will get connected with you. Write all the problems that you are facing and the resolution will be provided to you on the chat.

  • Contact Outlook Customer Service through  Call

You can also get in touch with a live representative of Microsoft to sort out the problems that you are facing in Outlook. You can find the official phone number for the customer support team of Microsoft on the official webpage in the ‘Contact Us’ section under the Get Help category.

  • Contact Outlook Customer Service through Email

You can also email the problems that you are facing to the official email address of Microsoft. Mentioning all the problems that you are facing in one email and wait for them to revert to you.

Therefore, you can contact the Outlook Customer service number for the problems you are facing with the help of the above mentioned points.


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