How do you Bypass Security Check on Facebook?

These days security concerns related to the account are rising, and to tackle this issue, Facebook has become strict with the verification process. If someone wants to access or recover their account, they need to pass through the verification process. You can bypass Facebook Security Check and gain access to your account. To know how you can do this, you can read further. 

What is Facebook Verification?

Before you know about the method, you should know about the verification process. During verification, you have to mention the phone number or registered email address. In this, you will get the verification code and link, respectively. You have to mention the code, and you can move to the instruction and recover the account. 

In such a situation, you need to bypass Facebook security check and get back your account. Find quick steps to complete the process below.

How to Bypass Facebook Security Check-in Phone? | 820-999-3359

  • Take HidemyAss VPN service on your Android phone to bypass the verification process.
  • For that, you need to download the HidemyAss application and buy its monthly plan for their VPN service. It does not cost more than $11.52 and $9.99.
  • Now, you can open the application and log in with your credentials.
  • Choose country Japan to connect to the servers.
  • Now open your profile through the browser where you will be asked to provide reactivate your account. So, fill in the information and activate your account.

How to Bypass Facebook Security Verification On PC?

  • If you want to reactivate an account on your PC, You need to install the Hola VPN extension or set it in your browser or PC.
  • For chrome, use Hola Vpn extension and run it after selecting location JAPAN.
  • Now type with your credential where you will see that your account is locked. So, click on the Next button.
  • Here, you are required to change the URL to xyz to from
  • Now, wait until the page loads. Now a new page will ask you for information like Date of Birth and mobile number. You can click on ok to complete the process.

You can avoid locking your account by increasing the security of your account by 2 levels. If you want, you can stop giving unwanted access to your profile by enabling the login update service. The above points will help you bypass Facebook security check process and encourage you to use your account carefully. So, use these hacks when you get locked of your account by mistake and need to get back on your favorite social media website.

Top ways to Bypass the Facebook Verification Process 

There are three paths to do this; all of them are mentioned below in detail. You can choose any one of them and try different ones according to the requirement. 

  • Bypass Facebook Verification with the Photo Verification Process 

It is the best way to do this; in this process, you have to bypass with the help of the photos. In this method, you will be provided with photos of your Facebook friends. You have to identify their profile pictures in one go. If you do this, then you can get the verification process done. 

  • Bypass Facebook Verification with ID Verification 

This process is completely based on the verification of the person. Here you have to prove that you are the real person or the owner of the account. For this, you can submit any ID card, but that must be government-approved. You can submit the documents, though, this process is not for a quick result, and you have to wait for the response at least 24 hours or more than that. So, whenever the process is done, they will send you the current or updated phone number. 

  • Bypass Facebook Verification with Selfie 

If you compare this one with rest, you can find that this one is a unique method. In this, you have to share the selfie or the video. The main objective of this process is that they will identify the user’s identity. You can see this one is an easy process to run; however, you may receive the ID back within 24 hours of submitting the selfie. 

You can see how easy it is for you to bypass the verification process but in case of any issue, you can rely on Facebook Customer Service. You can contact them in various ways and get a fast solution or know about the best way. 





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