How to fix Outlook not Receiving Emails

A Quick look at How to Fix Outlook not Receiving Emails?

The outlook is a popular platform for exchanging emails. A lot of corporate employees use Outlook for exchanging official emails related to work. If you are also a user of outlook then you must know that a lot of people face an issue of their Outlook not working. Most of the users have complained that they have faced problems while using Outlook. They are not able to receive any mail in their inbox. There are many reasons for not receiving emails that can be fixed easily. If you also find your Outlook not receiving emails, it could be because of the below possible reasons.

Reasons behind Outlook not Receiving Emails

  • If you find Outlook not receiving mail then it could mostly be because of full space in an inbox

  • In case the internet does not work or gets disconnected then also user won’t be able to receive any mail

  • Moving on if you have any virus in the device even that can affect the working of mails

  • Or if you are expecting someone’s email but have blocked that user and forgotten now

Thus all the above reasons are the most common reasons for outlook not receiving emails. But you can easily fix these issues by following a few basic hacks. To find out about such hacks, tap on the below methods.

Methods to fix Outlook not Receiving Emails

Clear the inbox

The most common reason of Outlook not receiving any mail could be because of a full inbox. If you don’t clear up the inbox, you won’t be able to receive any new mail. Hence make sure to delete all the unwanted mails and free up space

Check for internet

Sometimes we don’t notice and the internet shuts down. Thus in case, your mail is not working maybe it’s because of the internet not working. Thus make sure to fix the internet and start working.

Blocked user

Maybe the person whose mail you are waiting for has not reverted yet. This could possibly be because you have blocked the user whose mail you are expecting. Thus, crosscheck your blocked list.

Remove and reinstall Outlook

You can also try removing your outlook account and reinstall the updated version. Sometimes outlook stops working because of an issue in the application hence you can fix it by reinstalling

Try troubleshooting

If you have tried every method and nothing works out then you can try for troubleshooting. With troubleshooting issues, you can fix your issues.

 Open outlook in another browser

If not able to receive emails in an account, reopen outlook in another browser.

And that’s all how to fix Outlook not receiving emails but can send.


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