How to Recover Google Account via Date of Birth

All about the Google Account Recovery by Various Methods:

Google account has been very helpful for the users as they can now go for having reliable communication with their loved ones as well as with their business associates. These communications made their business grow. So, you can feel how important this account could be. In such a situation, if you lose access to your account, then it can turn out to be a great loss for you as you can miss some important emails from your clients that can hamper your business.

A Quick Guide for Google Account Recovery Via Date Of Birth 

Google account holders often face issues while using their accounts and hence, face frustration while recovering them. Even though Google has provide its various account recovery alternatives to its account holder but still sometimes users finds it difficult to use them to get their account back.    

Apart from email address and phone number, user can also get their account back by using Google account recovery date of birth. However, if you are facing the same issue and do not know how to use this alternative while getting back your account then worry not as this article will guide you with the proper steps.  

Steps for Google Account Recovery  Via Using Date Of Birth

Follow the steps mentioned below and recover your Google account. Alternatively, you can also do the Google account recovery by phone call if you have already tried every recovery method in order to retrieve password of your account.

  • Navigate to the account recovery webpage of Google in your mobile or web browser
  • Now, enter the last password that you can remember of your account or else select the I don’t remember my password link
  • Now, you will see the date of birth recovery page where you’ll need to enter the account creation date of your account in the given fields
  • If you can’t remember it then you’ll have to continue with the other recovery options i.e. email address or phone number
  • Now, choose any of these options and then get the recovery code on the selected one
  • Next, enter the code in the given field and then reset your account password by entering the new one
  • Now save the changes and  get access to your account

Furthermore, if nothing works then you can do the Google account recovery by phone call and get proper assistance from the Google account recovery specialist. They will ensure that you recover the password of your account and will assist you on any other issue.

Therefore, it was all about getting your Google account recovered via using Google account recovery date of birth.

How Can I Recover My Google Account with Security Question?

  • Similarly, you should reach the recovery page of Google.
  • Fill in your Google account username and click next.
  • Then choose the Forgot Password? Option.
  • And enter the last account password if you can recall it. Otherwise, go with the Try another Way option.
  • After that, you have to choose the recovery email address or phone number. You can skip that step by clicking Try another way option.
  • You need to select the Try another way option until you see the security questions option.
  • Once you get it, enter your answer and you will get the option to reset the password.
  • On finding the options, reset your Google account password and click the Save Changes option after resetting the password.

Moreover, if you don't find the Google account recovery with security question option over there, you should connect with the Google support team. They will help you thoroughly and let you regain access to your account.

How Can I Recover Google Account Without Security Questions?

  • At first, open the Google account recovery page, enter the username and click the Next option.
  • Then choose the Forgot Password? Option.
  • And you will be asked to enter the last password if you recall it, fill it. Or else, click Try another way.
  • Consequently, you would see the phone number associated with your Google account on your screen with missing digits. Identify it, and click next.
  • Further, you would receive a verification code via text message, you need to enter the code and click next.
  • Next, create, confirm the new password, and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

With these aforementioned steps, the Google account recovery without security question will be completed. On the off chance, if you face any problem while doing the recovery process, you can contact Google Support to get instant help.

Google Account Recovery Process without the Phone Number:

The Google account requires complete functionalities to access the mails. This also offers access to the users to perform various online activities. The finest of services are offered to the users, and so, they are offered with the feature of recovering the Google account without the phone number. Let us see the process of that.

  • To initiate the process, the users have to first visit the recovery page of Google.
  • Then, you have to provide the username of the account and then hit on Next.
  • Now, from all the recovery methods available, you have to choose the recovery via email option.
  • A code will be sent on your email address that is associated with your Google account.
  • To verify the account and to recover it, the users have to provide the particular code, and when the account is verified, the users can go for creating a new password and then save the changes.

This is how you can go for recovering your account if you do not remember the phone number linked to your account. Well, there are other cases too when the users remember the phone number but do not remember the recovery email associated with your account. In this case, there is a different recovery process that has to be followed by users. Let us also have a look at that.

Google Account Recovery without Verification Email:

Generally, users do not forget their email linked to the account. But, in some cases, you make some other email ID, and so forget the one that was associated with your account. But, the recovery process is quite easy, and you can recover your account via phone number. The process that has to be followed are:

  • Visit the recovery page of Google and type the Google ID in the box assigned.
  • Then, you will be asked to provide any old password that you remember and is connected to this account.
  • You can enter the password or you can also hit on “Try another way” to skip it.
  • On the next page, you will be provided with the opportunity to get the verification code on your phone number linked to your account.
  • You will get the alternatives of getting the code from Google “SMS” or “Call”. You can choose one out of two.
  • Now, copy the code sent by Google and paste it in the box that you will find on the recovery page.
  • You can now generate your new password for your account by typing in the password twice.
  • Click on the Save button and your account is now recovered.

Some users use their Google account on their android phone. Now, when they require to recover the account, they think that they will not be able to go for Google account recovery on android. Well, Google account recovery specialist have a solution for them also. We are listing the steps that you have to take to recover their Gmail account on android. Let us see the steps.

Google Account Recovery on Android:

  • Navigate to the recovery page of Google and enter the Google ID.
  • Then on the next page provide any old Google password
  • Then, provide the old password or go for choosing “Try another way”.
  • You will get the option of getting the security code on your registered number.
  • You can select the option of text or call to receive the code. You have to enter that code on the recovery page and then submit it.
  • Then, you can also go for choosing the option of receiving the code from Google by choosing the “I don’t have my phone” button and then hitting the option of sending.
  • Copy the code and enter it in a suitable field.
  • This will open a password reset page where you can create a new password for your Google account.

Some users face the issue of Google account as their account is deleted, and they now want to recover it. Well, if you want to know the answer to the question, “how to recover permanently deleted Google account?” For them, we would like to inform you that if your account is permanently deleted and it has been more than 30 days, then you cannot recover the permanently deleted Google account.

Security questions play an important role in recovering the Google account. Google account is one such email that is used for many purposes, and so it is created by the users a long time back. So, it is quite not possible for some to remember the security questions they have chosen for their account. If you are also in the same category, then you might also not remember the security questions that you have answered. So, to go for Google account recovery without Security Question, you can recover your account via SMS. We can explain to you the whole process of recovering the account via SMS.

Google Account Recovery via SMS:

  • The users can start the recovery process by going to the recovery page of Google and entering the username. Then, you have to hit on the option of “Forgot password”.
  • You will be asked to enter the password you remember for your account. If you do not remember any, you can click on “Try another way”.
  • You will get the verification option to recover the account. You can fill in your phone number, and you will get the code as a text message.
  • You can match the code you received as n SMS and fill in the code in the text field.
  • You will be taken to the password reset page where you can create your new password and then can save the changes.

Here are the steps to recover the password simply and easily to find Google account with the assistance of Google account recovery specialist, if you are still finding a problem or baffled in recovering account you can speak to customer care executive number 1-855-836-3987 as well as drop a mail writing your problem. Trained and skilled professionals will help you in all way around and make you recover your account.

How do I Recover a Deleted Google Account

Google account helps enable anytime, anywhere a safe and secure communication throughout the organization or to the individuals which gives services of Gmail, Hangout, and Google+ as well. But if you have deleted your Google account, you won’t be able to use Google services like Gmail. Calendar or drive and there are more possibilities of losing all the data and content from the account.

So here for your convenience, we have updated some simple steps to recover deleted Google account in one go.

Stick with the steps to Recover Deleted Google Account:

Once you delete the Gmail account, the user has only 2 maximum days to get back to the account but Google account takes around 2-3 weeks to Google account recovery.

  • First, open the Google recovery page.
  • In the next move, Go to in your browser which will redirect you to open a page with the text field.
  • Now following the above, give the details of the Email address, now give the address of the Gmail account you deleted.
  • Now following above, tap on next, you will find a blue button as shown in the text field.
  • If you found a message that your account does not exist, then you cant’ t get back to the account.
  • Give a password as shown in the mid of the page, now enter the details of password or Email address.
  • Following above, click on next as shown below the text field.
  • Now click continue once prompted, this will redirect you to the account creation page where you can reset the Old email address.
  • In the last step, click on the submit button shown under the section of account information.
  • Give the details of the phone number to receive an SMS.
  • Click to continue to get a verification code.
  • Give the verification code as shown to you in the given field.
  • Now click continue which can be found under the verification field.
  • In last, again you get access to your Google account now.
  • Now you have successfully get back to the account information.

Consider and adhere to all the above-mentioned steps to recover deleted Google account, but if you are seeking further assistance on Google account recovery, you can call directly on their support number to get immediate feedback or response. Apart from that, if you are looking for further support, just go to the Google community page and ask anything you want from them by writing questions in the search box.

The details of Google Customer Service for account recovery assistance is given below for any query and support can contact these details.


Contact Number: 855-836-3987

Address: CA, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

Calling Time: 24/7 365

Official Website:

Link to Recovery Page:



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@Rebecca schils dont waste your time contact google customer support 1-855-836-1987   and if query not resolved then for third party service 1-888-498-3721

Krista Barbieri

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Hi my name is Krista and i am a nurse who is being stalked by a ex detective named Stuart D. Little of Raleigh, N.C. and he has been stealing my gmails and changing my passwords in my Google account. I need your help please. 9196760056

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My niece have entered wrong date of birth have in google account accutally sir i am not accessing this account sir my email address plz resolve the matter.


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I lost my number and have forgotten my google account password i want to recover it using my date of birth

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06 May, 2021 01:08:24

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08 May, 2021 02:01:24

how to recover my gmail account if i forgot my password and ive lost the sim card of the registered numbered? i cant open mu phone after the factory reset because i forgot the password og may google account and my sim card or the number that I registered was lost. how can i recover my account to open my phone? thanks


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