Why is AOL Mail not Working and other Email Problems on Various Devices

Are you seeking for information on how to fix AOL email as well as the reasons of problems that may arise from time to time? In that situation, you may get information about the reasons of AOL Email Problems and how to fix them, from below.

Reasons causing AOL Email Problems

  • Poor internet connections is the primary cause of AOL email issues, as it requires a stable connection to function properly.
  • Incompatible browsers can also pose issues with AOL mail, as they may not operate properly in all of them.
  • One of the reasons your AOL email isn't working is because you forgot your login credentials.

Solutions to fix AOL Email Problems

  • To fix the problems with your AOL mail, you must verify your internet connection and, if it is faulty, switch to a better data network.
  • Access your AOL mail through a different browser that is better compatible with it in order to fix the issues you are dealing with.
  • Fix your AOL mail by accurately entering your login information, and if you forget, you should recover your account to solve the problem.

How to fix AOL Mail not Receiving Emails?

If you are unable to receive emails in your AOL account, follow the steps described below to fix the issue.

  • To begin, check your email filters to ensure that emails are not being routed to other folders
  • After that, try disabling email filters and transfer valuable emails from your spam or trash folders
  • Finally, restart your device after ensuring that you have a good network, and you will start receiving your emails once again

How can you fix AOL is not Working?

If your AOL mail is not working, and you need to know how to fix it, please use the methods listed below.

  • First and foremost, make sure that your device is connected to a proper network
  • After that, restart your browser, as well as your device once and try to access AOL mail again
  • Next, you should delete the cache from your browser or reinstall it to fix the error
  • Finally, update your device to the latest version to
  • fix the AOL mail not working error

How to fix AOL is not working on iPhone?

When using an iPhone to access an AOL account, customers may encounter a number of issues. If AOL is not working on your iPhone, you can fix the problem by following the steps below.

  • Go to the control panel from your iPhone screen and toggle the aeroplane mode symbol
  • Turn off the aeroplane mode after a few seconds and see if AOL is working or not
  • After that, head to your iPhone's settings and navigate to the general tab, where you must choose the Reset option
  • Afterwards, re-launch AOL mail on your iPhone, and if still not working proceed next
  • Finally, go to Passwords & Accounts from the settings on your iPhone to remove AOL mail, after which re-add to fix the problem

How to fix AOL is not working on Android?

If you are experiencing AOL not working on Android problems, you can fix them using the techniques outlined below.

  • First of all, launch the AOL mail app on your Android device and input your login credentials
  • After that, navigate to your AOL account's outgoing and incoming mail settings and select the manual setup option
  • Then, in the IMAP mail settings, type imap.aol.com in the server box and 143 in the port number
  • Next, go to SMTP settings and type smtp.aol.com in the server box, and 587 in the port number field
  • Finally, save your AOL mail settings on your Android phone and try to reopen it to check whether the problems have been fixed


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