How to start Google Classroom on Android or iOS Device

Google Classroom is the digital service that is used by many people for teaching the students online. This service simplifies the task of creating and distributing assignments to the students easily.

If you want to make your teaching simpler and more productive then you can utilize the service(s) of Google Classroom and can get the Google classroom help for solving any issue.

How to initiate the process of starting Google classroom session?

You will be able to start the online classroom developed by Google with the following process.

  • Visit the website of Google Classroom by using any web-browser.
  • Sign in to the Google account by using login credentials.
  • Click on the + sign located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Create Class option and select the role of a teacher.
  • Enter the information about the online class such as.
    • Classroom name (mandatory).
    • Section for a short description of the class.
    • Subject
    • Room location
  • Now click on Create and get the class code on the Stream web-page.
  • Share it with the students to invite for joining the digital class.

How to start Google Classroom on android device?

You can also create a class by using the android application of Google Classroom by following this process

  • Launch the Google Classroom app on the android device.
  • Start the classroom creation process by selecting the Classroom.
  • Tap on + icon and choose Create Class option.
  • Enter the name and other details about the class.
  • Tap on Create and get the code for the classroom.
  • Invite students to join the class by sharing that code with them.

What is the process to start Google Classroom on iOS device?

Google Classroom can also be started on the iOS device and employing the below-mentioned process

  • Launch the Google Classroom app on the iOS device.
  • Tap on + sign located on the bottom-right side of the screen.
  • Tap create class and enter the name and other details of the classroom.
  • Get the auto-generated code and share it with the students.

If you are not able to start the classroom on the desktop or mobile device then you can contact the Google classroom support to obtain the additional details.


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