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Troubled with not sending email? Get complete information to fix it 

SBCGlobal email is one of the email services that provide numerous features making access easier. The email service provider incorporates with a simple user-interface which helps all the user to access its services to the fullest. Besides, it takes care of all the users across the world and when an issue appears in front of anyone, in that case, it provides around the clock customer service.
Though it offers hassle-free services no one finds any trouble in using it sometimes due to some external factors, it happens that a user faces not sending email issue. Well, such types of issue are nothing but require a few steps to perform and can be resolved easily. Moreover, to make this task easier here is a list of steps you need to follow.

Why is SBCGlobal not sending emails? 

Before resolving the issue, it would be better to know the reasons behind seeing this issue;   

  • There might be some email filters issue, you should check on it.
  • Also, it may be the case that emails are being forwarded to another email address.
  • Above all, the server you are relying on might down in your area.

Besides this, there might many more other reasons that could be the culprit and you have to face this issue. So moving to the next segment of this article, let's explore the solutions.

What should you do when SBCGlobal email not sending your emails?

  • First and foremost, you should check whether you have active internet connectivity or not. If not connect it now.
  • Also, you should check the SBCGlobal server, is the SBCGlobal server down or not and you can check it on the web.
  • If it the server is fine and still you are not able to send your emails through SBCGlobal email account, you should clear the cookies and cache store on your browser.
  • It also has been seen that the user faces SBCGlobal not sending email issue due to browser malfunction, you should try to change the browser in order to send the emails.

Get your SBCGlobal email issues resolved immediately

Once you employ all the above instructions, you will not be seeing any issue in sending your emails and you will be accessing all the services of SBCGlobal email. On the off chance, if you still face SBCGlobal not sending email issue after performing all the above steps, you should not waste your time and immediately contact the SBCGlobal customer service team. The team will guide you and provide you a reliable solution for all your queries.

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Dorothy Ferrer

25 September, 2020 18:09:13

I cannot send email from my iPad. It says The user name or password is incorrect. I don’t know how this happened. It just started doing this. Of course I’m old and I may have done something stupid. Thanks for your help


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