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Xfinity WI-FI offers a marvellous network of hotspots that allows you to connect to the internet service in rapid ways. This kind of network is called as hotspots that allow you to connect to the internet at fast Wi-Fi speeds around your area while saving on your Wireless data plan forever. It is widely secure for the users who can use it Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app for iOS or Android devices to get the internet service without facing any trouble. It accepts the SSID, Xfinity supports 128-bit which is encrypted and used by the financial apps and websites.

If you have completed all the tasks of the downloading and installing Xfinity WI-FI Hotspot you can use its internet service at any time. Haphazardly, if you are noticing an error and your Xfinity WI-FI Hotspot not working fine, it is a time to check with the cause of the issue that provides you brilliant help and tutorial to resolve this problem soon. There are various users who are reporting that their Xfinity WI-FI Hotspot is not responding and it is physically working well but the internet connection issue is happening. To fix this it is important to check out the cause of the issue without facing any trouble.

What are the Reasons and Solutions for Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot not working? 

There are lots of users of Xfinity Wi-Fi that provides internet to the devices for resolving the connectivity issues in fact it is one of the best Wi-Fi services in the whole world.

There are lots of users of this service but some of them face the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity issues that leads to non-functionality of Hotspot.

Reasons for Xfinity Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem 

This issue arises when there is a fault in the settings of the phone or due to bad network thus the user is required to keep on toes to resolve any issue which arises due to this problem.

Other reason for non-working of the Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot includes disconnectivity of the Wi-Fi at various places that can be the result of the following issues.

  • The problem is in the router of Xfinity Wi-Fi.
  • Device to which Wi-Fi is connected is on move (not located on one location).
  • More than required distance between the Wi-Fi and the connected device.

These problems can be solved by following these methods.

Ensuring proper settings of the Xfinity Wi-Fi

The user can remove many problems which are related to the Xfinity Wi-Fi by using the process mentioned below.

  • Go to the settings section of the device which you are using.
  • Select the Correct Wi-Fi from the list of available networks.
  • Enter the accurate password of the Xfinity Wi-Fi.

Now the user needs to click on next to connect the device with the Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Update the Operating System of the device

Whenever the user is trying to connect the Xfinity Wi-Fi to the device then he should ensure that the device will work properly if the OS is updated, the upgraded version can remove any harmful elements that is creating an issue in Wi-Fi’s hotspot network.

Extra methods to solve this issue

  • Ensure that the device remains at a stable location and don’t move much as this can cause non-functionality of the Wi-Fi.
  • The users should remove any other connection that is connected with the device.
  • Reboot the device at which the user wants to connect the Xfinity Wi-Fi.

The user can connect with the customer support for getting the solution of the problem of Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot not working in the device.

Solve Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot not Working on iPhone issues with the given process!!

Xfinity wifi works under the Comcast communications that provide various communication, the internet as well as TV-related services to user's all over the world. This service is provided so as to make the best use of Xfinity services.
Besides, Xfinity wifi services is considered as one of the best wifi facility used for various internet purposes. This facility can be used in offices for work purpose and also at homes or personal internet surfing. On the other hand, there are times when iPhone mobile user gets stuck in accessing the internet with this wifi and face Xfinity wifi hotspot not working issues on their iPhones.

Why is the Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspot not working on iPhone?

This particular issue generally occurs when there is an issue in the settings of the iPhone or there is any bad connection in the server network. But, so as to solve this issue there are steps that can be followed and that can help in solving this issue instantly.

  • First of all the user is required to check whether the auto-connect Xfinity wifi is turned on or not. If it is not on then the user should turn it on. For turning it on the user should go to the settings on their iPhone device and further can switch it on.
  • Also, the user should make sure whether the location service is on or not. For this, the user should locate the location settings on their iPhone and should turn it on. 
  • The user should also check whether the hotspot connections are good or not. As many times because of the bad hotspot connectivity, this issue occurs and creates a problem for the user. 
  • Many times any third-party application also creates issues in connecting with the wifi hotspot on iPhone mobiles and disables the hotspot to get connected. 
  • For solving this the user should uninstall other wifi connections that are getting connected. 
  • The applications that create a problem for the user interferes with the mobiles inbuilt connection and this occurs the issue. 

Furthermore, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways by which the user can easily solve their Xfinity wifi hotspot not working on iPhone issues. These ways are troubleshooting steps and will totally help the user in solving this particular issue.

What are the ways to fix the Xfinity Hotspot not working on iPhone? 

Are you unable to access the Xfinity hotspot service on iPhone? Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot allows the users to connect to the high-speed internet network and save their data plans. Xfinity hotspot is able to connect to the various devices, iPhone is one of them. Sometimes iPhone users may face issues while connecting to the Xfinity Wi-Fi, which happens due to various reasons. If you are interested in knowing about the reasons for Xfinity hotspot not working on iPhone, and how to fix it, then go through the details discussed below.

What causes the Xfinity Hotspot not working issue?

  • The automatic Xfinity Wi-Fi connection is not enabled in your iPhone
  • The bad hotspot connection may cause an issue to connect Xfinity Wi-Fi
  • The Xfinity hotspot network is hidden
  • Your device has surpassed the maximum number of limit for connecting to Xfinity hotspot

How to fix the Xfinity Hotspot not working issue?

You can go through the ways discussed below for solving the Xfinity hotspot not working issue on your iPhone:

Check iPhone settings

  • Unlock your iPhone and open  the settings
  • Go to the control center and check that Wi-Fi is enabled
  • Then check that your iPhone is not on airplane mode
  • Now try reconnecting your iPhone to Xfinity hotspot

Shut down iPhone

  • Shutting down a device is considered to be a golden rule to troubleshoot any issue
  • Turn off your iPhone first, then restart it and wait
  • Then retry to connect the Xfinity hotspot once iPhone restarts properly

Reset network settings

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the settings
  • Then choose general settings and go to the reset option
  • Choose to reset network settings under the reset list
  • Now all of your Wi-Fi networks will reset automatically
  • Then try reconnecting to the Xfinity hotspot by adding network name and password

Turn off location

  • If the location service is enabled on iPhone it may use Wi-Fi network and cause Xfinity hotspot connectivity issue
  • Now turn off the location service on your iPhone to see whether it helps in connecting to the Xfinity 

Update OS

  • Sometimes maybe some software bug is preventing your device from connecting to the Xfinity hotspot
  • You can update your device’s operating system and then retry connecting to the Xfinity hotspot again.

Hopefully, you will be able to successfully fix the Xfinity hotspot not working issue on iPhone. However, if still, the issue remains to connect to the technical support team of Xfinity for help.


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