How to fix Facebook Not Responding on Various Devices

Facebook has become an important part of the social media world. Almost everyone has an account on Facebook to interact with friends from all over the world. You can send messages, share posts, videos, set the privacy mode and perform various other functions. With time, Facebook has updated its features and services. Nowadays it is used as a mobile application also. With all these features, if it stops working, it can be a bothersome situation. If you are facing any issue with the mobile app or website, you can try fixing it with the troubleshooting or fixes mentioned in the following article.

Fix the issue of Facebook not responding on Mobile Operating Systems

 If you have downloaded the Facebook app on your mobile, you can access it easily. But if Facebook not working issue is encountered, you try out some fixes to resolve the issue.

Here is the list of fixes for Facebook not responding on Mobile

  • Check for the app update- If your Facebook app is not loading on your mobile, you need to check for its update. The outdated version might not be compatible with the OS. So, you must update the app, if the latest version is available. For Android devices, use Google Play Store and for iOS, use the App Store.
  • Check device storage- Sometimes, due to insufficient space in your device, Facebook stops working. So, you need to clear up some space for the proper working of the Facebook app in your mobile. You can delete the unused and unwanted applications, images and videos from the device.
  • Clear app cache- If you have Facebook on an Android device, it might have stored a lot of cache in the app. So, to make it work properly, you need to clear the app cache.
  • Check your internet connection- Sometimes Facebook might not be loaded due to poor internet connectivity. You must check the internet connection for the proper working of a Facebook app. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the internet.
  • Restart your phone- Sometimes the issue gets resolved simply by restarting the mobile.
  • Check for OS update- You must check the available updates of the operating system in your device.

Possible fixes for Facebook not responding on Desktop Browser

As we have already discussed that Facebook is compatible with all the devices as well as operating systems, so you can access it on any device. If you are trying to access it on the desktop using a browser, you might encounter some issues. If you want to know why is Facebook Not Responding and what are its fixes, you can try the following solutions:

  • Check for the browser update- To access it successfully, the browser must be compatible with the Facebook website. So, you need to check for the browser update, if any. Accordingly, you must update it.
  • Clear the browser cache- You might open various websites on the browser, so you need to lear the cache files from the browser. It will make the working of Facebook as well as other websites smooth. 
  • Use another browser- If you find the existing browser faulty, you can switch to any other on your computer. With this, you will be able to use Facebook and will get to know that the browser has some problems.
  • Check for third-party applications and plugins- Sometimes the issue is faced due to the third-party software and plug-ins in the system. So, you can remove it or disable it.
  • Use Facebook help community- It might be possible that the issue is with the desktop version of Facebook, due to which you are unable to use it. So, you can check Facebook community page for the same.

If the issue of Facebook not responding is still there, you can contact the technical support. The technical executives of Facebook will assist you with all kinds of issues and queries related to Facebook services. You can reach them using the contact info available on its official web page of Facebook.


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