A Brief Guide to Fix Facebook Error Code 368 without Any Hassle

Facebook is known as one of the most important tools for almost every digital socializing and business activities. In fact, it has become the most popular and appreciated social network platform globally with billions of users. Besides, its newly updated tools and features are also quite popular among users across the world, and the FB Messenger is a vital component of Facebook accounts that lets the users interact via Direct messages.

With the Messenger feature, users can easily chat with other users, and also send multimedia without any difficulty within a blink. In addition, both Facebook and its Messenger are compatible with multiple devices be it phone, PC, laptop, tablets, etc. However, there are times, when users face the Facebook error code 368 with their Messenger application and even sometimes with its web version. Now, this error could occur due to various reasons including FB guidelines violations and technical issues. Therefore, read this post further and get to know about the cases of error code 368, and simple ways to resolve it into your Facebook.

What Causes Facebook Error Code 368 on Messenger?

The following are the top reasons that might cause the Facebook error code 368 in your Messenger account.

  • There has been an occurrence of issue while downloading the Messenger application.
  • The device’s operating system has failed to respond to app or is corrupted.
  • Malfunctioning of the messenger app due to corrupted file or server issue.
  • The FB Messenger files have been altered manually or have been deleted.
  • The contact you are trying to send messages has been filtered as spam by Facebook due to security concerns.
  • Facebook itself has either blocked the link of your message or you have attempted to send message swiftly without delay.
  • Your message is too large in numbers or size.
  • You might be filtered as spam or have been blocked by the other users to whom you have tried sending messages.
  • Your message does not qualify the Facebook’s security guidelines or is subjected for violation.

Therefore, the aforementioned reasons are the most common ones that might have caused you face error code 368 in your FB account. Now, have a look at the simple methods on how to fix Facebook error code 368.

Simple Methods to Fix Facebook Error Code 368

Restarting the Device

Rebooting your device will simply flush out any technical glitches or corrupted system process. This will help also help you fix any interrupted process issue related to your device, software, and FB applications.

Updating the Facebook Application

Updating application is one of the best fixes to get rid of any issue in your mobile applications. And, this will also help you with the how to fix Facebook error code 368 process without any difficulty. Hence, whether you are using iOS or Android device, ensure to update your FB applications.

Clearing the Cache of Facebook Messenger Application

Clearing the cache files of your FB’s application and then Messenger application can really help you with fixing the error code 368. Besides, this will also help you out to fix any other issue in your applications without going through any rigorous solution.

Close & Reopen the Facebook Messenger Application

The App Closing here does not only mean to exit the applications, but also, you’ll need to remove them from the App Switcher screen. For that, you can use the Home Button or Gesture on both of your iOS devices ad swipe accordingly to close the applications.

Connect to Facebook Technical Support For Further Assistance

Now, if the aforementioned methods do not help you out to fix the Facebook error code 368, then it is time to contact the tech-support professionals at Facebook. However, they’ll also help you with the best info on what is Facebook error code 368 and how to fix it.


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