How can I Speak to Someone at Hotmail Customer Service

Are you using Hotmail services and facing unexpected errors lately? In such an event, you must be looking forward to getting help from the customer service support team of Hotmail. Although there are several alternatives to getting connected to the Hotmail customer care service team, customers generally prefer talking to a live person directly. If you are here to know the methods for getting help by connecting to Hotmail live person, then go through the information shared below.

How to Contact Hotmail Customer Service by Phone

You can get in touch with the customer service team of Hotmail by dialing the Hotmail Phone Number. They are available on it 24 hours. Get in touch with them by maintaining the following steps.

  • Dial the number +1-(800)-642-7676 to get in touch with the Hotmail customer service team.
  • Choose the language that you prefer.
  • To repeat the menu, press 5 on the device that you are using for the call.
  • Say Home by pressing the option.
  • Say Technical Support to discuss your Hotmail issues.
  • Say Talk to the representative to connect your call with the service team.
  • After this, you have to wait for some time and your call will be redirected to the customer representative of Hotmail.

So, in this way you can easily connect with the Hotmail customer service team over the phone.

Contact Hotmail Customer Service Live person via Chat:

  • Hotmail customer service live person can also be contacted via live chat
  • You have to visit the official website of Hotmail and find the chatbox
  • Open the live chat box and type your query
  • As soon as you enter your query, a live customer care person will come online
  • Next, the live support executive will resolve all your queries
  • Live chat support is the quickest way to get connected to Hotmail customer service live person

Contact Hotmail via Email:

  • Hotmail email service is also one of the ways to get help from the customer care executive regarding any query
  • The email support service of Hotmail provides a slow response to customer queries, in comparison to all the other means

Problems that can be Fixed via Hotmail Live Person

Hotmail live person is there to fix any of your issues related to your Hotmail account. The problems that can be solved by Hotmail live person are described below.

  • Issues related to the Hotmail Password recovery 
  • Not able to send and receive newer mails
  • The issue at the time of signing in
  • Configuration errors
  • Issues related to Spam and junk email
  • Not able to sign up
  • Account hacking issues

You can fix any of these mentioned issues by dialing the Hotmail Customer Service number where the customer representative is available to speak to you in order to resolve any of your Hotmail issues. Also, you can connect with them any time of your precious day. 

Issues that can be resolved via Hotmail Customer Service Live Person

There is not a single issue of Hotmail that cannot be resolved by the Hotmail Customer Service Live Person. Since Hotmail encounters multiple issues while operating, therefore connecting with the customer service team of Hotmail will help you. They will be glad to help you. The numerous issues encountered by the Hotmail customer service team are described below.

  • Issues in Hotmail account recovery

This helps the users who forget their Hotmail password very often. The customer service team will help you in the recovery process.

  • Issues in sending and receiving newer mails

There are times when users are not able to send and receive emails. In that case, asking for a solution from the customer service team of Hotmail will help them.

  • Issues with spam and junk emails

This is the most common issue of Hotmail. You can resolve this issue by getting in touch with the customer service team of Hotmail.

  • Issues related to account hacking

Account hacking is very common these days. So, you need to recover your Hotmail account frequently. To do so, making a connection with the customer service team of Hotmail will help you. 

Various Ways to Speak to a Live Person at Hotmail

Undoubtedly, the Hotmail customer service team is available on multiple platforms to help its users. The most common ways to interact with the customer service team of Hotmail are mentioned below.

  • Hotmail Support Forum

This is the important option provided by the Hotmail customer service team. Here you can discuss the issues that you are facing at your Hotmail account publicly. Once it is received by the customer representative of Hotmail, get ready for an awesome solution to your Hotmail query.

  • Hotmail Customer Service Help Page 

This option will provide a suitable answer to your Hotmail query. Just visit the official web page of Hotmail where you have to look for the “Help” section which is at the top of the page. Go to the “Contact Us” section where you have to enter your Hotmail query in the box provided there. After that, tap on the “Submit” option where you can get the solution to your query.

  • Live Chat Support

Live chat provides a direct solution to any of the Hotmail queries. Just enter the issues that you are facing at your Hotmail account and get the solution instantly.

  • Phone Support

This option provides a direct connection with the Hotmail customer representative. Just dial the number and connect with the team to get the solution.

  • Email Support

Write all your Hotmail issues and send them to the Hotmail customer service representative. They will offer a befitting solution to you.

Other mediums to contact the Customer Service number of Hotmail/Outlook?

All internet users access emails for work-related issues. Be it establishing contact with clients online or making customers for business, emails are frequently used. And for accessing emails, Hotmail or Outlook is mostly used. Also if you face any issue while using your outlook account then you can contact Hotmail customer care service. Hotmail/Outlook customer care service team helps the users to fix all their issues and enable them to access mails without any turbulence. But if as a user, you face any doubt or query then you can access the below-given mediums to contact the customer care service of Hotmail.

Mediums of Contacting Outlook Customer Care Team

The basic methods to contact Hotmail/Outlook customer care service live person. To follow refer to the below methods.

Outlook Log in

  • Apart from the official email id, you can also use the support chat system of Outlook
  • On the official website of outlook, tap on the chat link and log in using your credentials and describe your query on that website.

Using the Outlook Forum    

Apart from the above two methods, you can also access the forum of outlook through which you can take the help of other Microsoft users. You can fill the forum page with your doubts and the other users or professionals will get back to you with the solutions.

And that’s how you can contact Hotmail customer serviceAnd in case you have any doubts then you can contact Hotmail/Outlook customer service live person.


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Linh Jiang

10 November, 2020 04:50:42

Hello, I think my Hotmail is being hacked. I cannot receive any emails since this morning 1am. On my laptop I have been getting emails throughout the day. Could you please contact me? I am very worried and scared.

Charlotte simmons

02 December, 2020 10:31:56

My email was hacked, I have changed my password several times. And now I am not receiving any emails. Please help

Peter R Horne

28 December, 2020 03:51:16

I need to verify my hotmail account. I have tried the "form" at least 5 times and get no where. My back up email is no longer in use. I feel that I need to actually speak to someone.


19 February, 2021 19:53:48

my Hotmail account has been hacked again today. my fb/messenger was hacked in nov 2020. today all my email in my inbox disappeared and the sent messages. and all my contacts received email from my Hotmail asking favor!!!!

Wil Love

04 March, 2021 20:28:13

My email has been hacked and the backup address has been changed to a scam email address and I have no way of getting it back. I need serious help.

Stella Fertig

05 April, 2021 14:23:02

I need to speak to someone in customer service in person. I keep getting lots of junk mail, but although I block band delete those messages, they keep popping up. It’s very annoying

Shelby Piper

10 April, 2021 18:25:42

I have tried to fill out the recovery (3 times now) form for my dads email, however it keeps on failing as we have forgot the password and can no longer get into the account. I need to speak to someone in regards to changing the password.


11 May, 2021 11:16:35

I have been hacked and can not gain access back to my email


11 May, 2022 19:07:00

My old phone died, got a new one, tried to setup my hotmail account and forgot password. When I try to reset it wants to sent code to my old phone number which I do not have anymore


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