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Yahoo email account is one of the best free webmail services in order to provide a great email service to the users on a daily basis. It has been observed that when you unable to access your account it might be permanently deleted if you have already configured a number of emails like Gmail, Hotmail, SBCGlobal on your Yahoo, you might face an error. Your Yahoo might see inactive when you have not to access your account for a long-long time and you are checking your account using another email service that you have added with your Yahoo account.

If someone is required to check with the cause of the issue and want to solve how to reactivate Yahoo account, there are various ways to do so and you can get the cause of this error and get the perfect solution to get this issue fixed at the right time.    

Reactivate Yahoo Account due to Inactivity

In case your Yahoo account is showing inactive and you want to access your Yahoo email on your device, it is important to reactivate Yahoo account as soon as possible. If you don’t understand the basic concept to do so this kind of the troubleshooting, steps, our techies will suggest the right things to do by their posted content on this page.

Following are the steps to reactivate Yahoo account due to inactivity:

  • At first, launch an internet browser and visit the Yahoo email account and enter the correct email address and password to access.
  • If you are unable to access and showing that your email account is inactive, then you need to select forgot password button.
  • You need to then enter the Yahoo email address and phone number and then select the continue button.
  • You need to now select a verification button and then choose the alternate email address and then press the submit button.
  • The code is required to check on the alternate email account and enter that verification code to verify your account.
  • Now you can simply retrieve the Yahoo email account by entering the new password into the required filed showing at the bottom finally.

How to Reactivate Yahoo Account after being Deleted?

It can be a tricky troubleshooting task when it comes to reactivating a deleted Yahoo email account. However, if you want to Reactivate Yahoo Account after being deleted, learn the simple process with us now.

Following are the Steps to Reactivate Deleted Yahoo Account | 802-456-4720

  • At first, visit the Yahoo email account sign-in page to access using its correct email address and password.
  • Select the home page of Yahoo after clicking on forgot password if you are unable to access and move to the next.
  • Then select the next button and then if your account is recoverable, you must enter the account address.
  • Select the account page and then enter the mobile phone number if you have and then a verification code will be sent to your personal phone.
  • Enter the code and then a reactivate link will be showing on the next page to type in the new password to access finally.

How to Reactivate Yahoo Account When you Forgot Password? 

When you forget the password, it truly impossible to access but if you will try to reactive the Yahoo account, you will get the certain help to resolve this issue soon.

Following are the ways to Reactivate Yahoo Account after Forgot Password

  • At first, make sure that you have tried to access your Yahoo account and then click on forgot password button.
  • Enter the certain alternate email address or mobile phone number and then select the verify button.
  • Check your phone to enter the verification code and then a reactivate option will be showing on the next page.
  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password filed at the end of the task.   

If you do wish to beg for another help regarding the Yahoo email account, you should contact tech support team over a phone call to get complete advice and help at your comfortable time simply.


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