Why is Yahoo mail not Working on Chrome

Get certain tips to fix when Yahoo mail not working on Google Chrome

Yahoo mail account is used by a number of users across the world due to its free webmail service. It is the best with the latest versions of the browsers therefore if you are using older or unsupported services and features of Yahoo, they may not work properly. It is required to access the log-in website using its correct email address and password. Although its features are quite important to use when you are using a Yahoo email account on any kind of internet browser, however, Google Chrome gives extraordinary support and service to manage your Yahoo email account in a brilliant manner. But if you face any trouble and your Yahoo mail not working on Chrome, you might miss some important email, or you are unable to forward your office’s report at the right time.  

When you face such kinds of problems are temporary but could be get fixed simply by resetting the Google Chrome browser to get this issue fixed at the right time. If you want to get an instant clue for understanding the cause of Yahoo mail not working in Chrome, then you might come on the right track to get a solution soon.

Cause of the issues:

  • Check if your internet connectivity is accurate.
  • Make sure your Google Chrome browser is fantastic.
  • Check with the credentials and internet browser’s history.
  • Deactivate or activate the virus on Google Chrome and so on.

Get a solution for Yahoo mail not Working on Google Chrome:

It is necessary to know the cause of the issue that would make you pretty active to achieve the perfect solutions at a certain time easily. For that, you need to check with the steps as shown down.

Step 1: Clear Cache in the Google Chrome internet Browser:

When you notice that your Yahoo mail not working fine after logging in to your account, there is an option to delete the cache memory of the browser that keeps the entire data safe and your Yahoo experience struggles to show the next page. To clear the cache in the Google browser, follow the steps down.

  • At first, run your Google Chrome internet browser and click on the menu button and choose the more tools option.
  • Click on the clear browser option and select cookies and cache files showing on the same page and scroll down at the bottom.
  • Click on the remove button and wait for a second to perform the task and then reset your internet browser and computer device finally.      

It is hoped this step can provide you with an active solution at the right time.

Step 2: Update your Google Chrome internet browser:

You can easily update your Google Chrome internet browser on your device and start using your Yahoo error-free. Let’s know the ways to update your Google Chrome.

  • At first, make sure that your internet browser is running with a good connection to internet service and go to the menu button.
  • Click on the internet browser and select the help button and click on the update button showing on the same page.
  • You can download the latest version on the internet browser and click on the install button and then Google Chrome on your device will be updated automatically.     

Step 3: Check JavaScript in Google Chrome:

It is all about the Yahoo mail JavaScript that is most important to run properly on Google Chrome, but if JavaScript is disabled, you can achieve technical glitches from Yahoo, to fix this bug, you need to follow the steps down.

  • At first, make sure your internet browser is active and click on the three vertical dots icon on the screen.
  • Select the settings and then click on the drop-down menu and scroll down to click on the advance option.
  • Select the Security tab and click on Content settings under the privacy and security settings and go to the JavaScript option.
  • Click on the enable button and press allowed to run your Yahoo mail on your Google Chrome browser finally.

Hopefully, your problem is resolved now. If you still facing the same error and showing Yahoo mail not working on chrome or you can try resetting your PC, deactivating the browser’s extension, deactivating antivirus and firewall settings, or running your Yahoo account on some other internet browser on the same computer. For more help regarding this, you are always free to contact the support team that is available to help you at any time.

Why is Yahoo mail not working in Outlook?

Yahoo is one of the oldest online platforms that are quite famous for its search engine. Though, they provide other online products too. For this reason, it is embraced by many organizations as well as the person for personal use. 

Though, sometimes user finds it hard to run Yahoo mail in Outlook. If you are facing the same issue, like Yahoo mail not working on Outlook, then you must be wondering the reasons. There are some reasons that we have covered below.  

Reasons for why Yahoo Mail not working in Outlook 

  • Outlook Firewall  

If you have recently installed the application for security or to protect outlook from the virus, then it may cause such issues. It blocks the working of Yahoo on outlook, so to resolve the issue, you can disable the antivirus software.  

  • Outlook is not updated 

When you are using the obsolete version of Outlook, then it creates hinders for any application to run in it. So to check the updates, you can go to the settings and if there is any update available, then you can do this. 

  • Ports Are Blocks 

There are several ports in the outlook and each must be open to connecting with the new device. Now, you can easily check whether ports are open or blocked. If any one of them is not working, then you cannot connect Yahoo to it which causes not working issues. 

Though, there are several ports, like 995, 465, and 587. Make sure these are connecting and working, only then are you can able to run Yahoo on it. If you find it hard to know the ports, then you can go for technical assistance. 

These are the possible reasons for Yahoo mail not working in Outlook. You can perform the methods and resolve the issue fast. If there is any complex issue, then you can move to the customer support of Outlook and know more about it. 


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