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Have you ever heard of CenturyLink? If no, then we want to let you know that you are an extremely unlucky person. The reason we are saying these harsh words to you is that you are missing out a blissful experience from the leading Internet Service Provider in the world. Moreover, we want to let you know that the service provided by the CenturyLink to its users is considered as the best one in the industry. Although the CenturyLink users are widely considered as the luckiest people on the planet but still they have to face some extremely complex problems associated with their CenturyLink account which they are unable to fix on their own. So, in this article, we will discuss the three issues, which have been faced by the majority of the CenturyLink users in the past for which they have contacted the CenturyLink customer service. 

  • The first issue is related to the inability of the users to change the password of the CenturyLink account.
  • The second issue is related to configuring the email settings of the CenturyLink on Windows Live Mail.
  • The third issue is How to add Centurylink email in your personal Apple iphone ?.

How to change centurylink email password?

Let us take a look at the steps for changing the password of your CenturyLink account.

1. The first and foremost step is to navigate to the home page of the CENTURYLINK account.
2. The next step is to log into your email account by entering the email address along with the current password of your CenturyLiink account.
3. Then, you have to press on the MY ACCOUNT option which is located on the top navigation bar.
4. After that, you have to tick on the CHANGE EMAIL PASSWORD option, which is located in the drop down menu.
5. Next, you will see that a new window in your browser has opened.
6. In that window, you have to type your current existing CenturyLink email account password under the CURRENT PASSWORD section.
7. After that, you have to enter the new password for your CenturyLink account under the NEW PASSWORD field.
8. Then, you have to enter this same new password again under the CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD field.
9. Finally, you have to press the SAVE button in the bottom of the screen and you are done.
10. If you have to encounter any sort of difficulty while changing this CenturyLink account password, then you should immediately contact the CenturyLink customer service helpline number.

How to configure your centurylink email on windows live mail?

Here are the steps for configuring your CenturyLink account on Windows LIVE Mail.

1. The first and foremost step is to launch the Windows Live Mail application on your PC.
2. After that, you have to press the ACCOUNTS option in the top panel.
3. Then, you have to tick on the EMAIL option.
4. Next, you have to type the email address and password of your CenturyLink email account in the respective fields.
5. After that, you have to enter your name and then select the option for configuring your server settings manually.
6. Then, under INCOMING SERVER INFORMATION, you have to select POP as the server type and enter pop.centurylink.net and 995 under address and port and also select SSL.
7. For outgoing server, you have to enter smtp.centurylink.net and 587 under address and port.
8. Finally, you have to press on the FINISH button.

So, if still, you are facing any difficulty in understanding these steps, then quickly dial the CenturyLink customer service phone number right now for fixing your issues.

How to add centurylink email on apple iphone? 

Centurylink is an email service followed by the Centurylink customer service providers. And if anyone has the Apple mobile phone then he or she can just follow up the below given procedure and will definitely get the proper way to reach the solutions and that too with most easiest way. And if anyone is not getting the way to solve this then kindly call the CenturyLink Helpline Number

Step 1: Start your Apple device which is basically the iphone.
Step 2: Now to access the Centurylink email on your iphone then you first need to install the settings application in your apple device.
Step 3: As mentioned in above statement, if you have done with the settings installation then open that application, and then scroll towards down.
Step 4: Then after click on the mails and calendars option.
Step 5: Click on the add account option.
Step 6: And now tick on the Centurylink email present in the options.
Step 7: One window will appear now there enter the username and password of the Centurylink.
Step 8: Now tick on the enable option present for receiving the messages in your iphone.
Step 9: Now finally make a tick on the sync option and press submit button..

Centurylink customer service phone number

Hence the above mentioned steps are very easy and helpful for the users those who are looking for the support from the Centurylink. Please look at these steps very carefully and get a supportive solution for your problem. And if in case these are not easily understand by the normal user then may call the Centurylink customer service or Centurylink helpline number executive to provide you the proper guidance in its issues. 

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